Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card

The new Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card is the ideal solution for M2M remote monitoring and management applications, especially 4G and 5G CCTV remote access.

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM for CCTV

Whilst the Fixed IP SIM Card plan is advertised as unlimited it is subject to a fair use policy. The SIM cards are available on 3mobile and Vodafone and 3mobile has a fair use policy of 500GB but can have a bolt-on of another 500GB giving a whopping 1TB of mobile data with a public, fixed IP address. The Vodafone data plan has a fair use policy of 650BG per month but there is no bolt on available. Both of these unlimited data SIM plans are available on a 3 year contract with options to pay a slightly higher rental and switch to a 12 month plan.

Both of these high data mobile SIM plans will work on 5G networks where available and assuming they are installed in a 5G router such as the Proroute H685 5G Router and will work on 4G if there is no 5G coverage.

These Fixed IP SIM Cards are ideal for remote access and monitoring where large amounts of data will be required or to prevent bill shock when compared to using traditional Fixed IP SIM cards where your monthly limit may be 20GB or 50GB per month with £15 per GB overage which can mean bill bills if you exceed your inclusive data allowance on these types of plans.

To enquire about these Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Cards please call 0333 003 5710.