Rural 4G CCTV

If you need a Mobile Broadband Internet solution for use in a rural location then we answer a few of the most common rural 4G CCTV questions below.

We are going to base our rural 4G CCTV solution based upon the simplest way to get a reliable 4G router solution by combining it with a Fixed IP SIM card that has a Public IP address – you can read all about how this simple 4G CCTV solutions works by clicking here.  No point in repeating ourselves.

Once you understand the solution then we can deal with the rural aspects below.

The first, and most common is the availability of 3G and 4G services in rural locations – and of course you will need to ensure that you can receive a 3G or 4G mobile phone signal for data BEFORE you can even consider using a 3G or 4G router solution

you can visit and enter your postcode and it will give you an indication of the available mobile networks – then we recommend that you get a PAYG SIM card and USB Dongle and plug it into your laptop and visit the location to ENSURE that you can receive a 3G or 4G service and to do a speed test to ensure that the speed is fast enough.