Teltonika RUT950 4G Router

Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G Router can be used with a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide an Internet connection with Fixed, Public IP address for 4G CCTV connectivity.  The RUT950 is a dual SIM 4G router so it can also have a backup 4G Fixed IP SIM Card installed that the RUT950 can switch to in the event the primary SIM card / Network become unavailable making this M2M 4G router ideal for your 4G CCTV installation as an alternative to a traditional fixed line broadband service.

The RUT950 has been updated and the new product is Teltonika RUT951


RUT950 4G Router for remote access and monitoring can be used with a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide a 4G Mobile broadband Internet connection that replicates a normal landline telephone broadband service in that it provides an INternet connection with a Fixed Public IP Address so you can remotely access the RUT950 4G Router and use port forwarding to connect to the CCTV NVR unit and see the CCTV Cameras.

The RUT950 router from Teltonika is a dual SIM 4G router which means that is has two SIM card slots, but it only has a single 4G Modem installed inside the router.  This embedded 4G Dongle means that you can only have a single 4G connection when using this router, but you can insert a backup SIM Card so that in the event the primary 4G SIM connection is lost, the RUT950 can switch to the backup SIM card.  If both of these SIM cards are Fixed IP SIM cards then you will still be able to connect to the router over the 4G network, albeit on the different IP address allocated to your backup Fixed IP SIM Card.

The Teltonika RUT950 4G Router includes features such as Ping Reboot which can be configured to confirm the 4G connection is valid as most 4G networks provide an always available rather than an always on or always connected service and on busy 4G masts the mobile network may drop the connection, so the ping reboot feature in this router can check there is a valid connection by pinging an IP address on the Internet and if there is no response the Teltonika 4G router can reboot the router and reconnect to the 4G network as a new connection.

The RUT950 has both Ethernet ports and WiFi so you can connect to this 4G router with a wired or wireless connection.