Do I Need To Use A Fixed IP SIM Card?

The quick and honest answer is NO – you don’t need a Fixed IP SIM card, however if you don’t want to do it the easy way then you will need to take note of the following points:-

In the UK ONLY 3mobile will provide you with a PUBLIC IP address with the following conditions:-

  1. It is not guaranteed that you will always receive a Public IP address
  2. 3mobile may stop the service at any time and because it is not a contracted part of their service you will still be liable for the remaining line rental for the contract term
  3. You will need to use the APN of 3internet
  4. As far as we are aware and based upon our testing 3mobile will only provide a public IP address for 3G connections – so you will need to set your router to connect at 3G speeds only.

So – as long as you are prepared to have occasions where you will be unable to connect to your 3G router and CCTV devices and you and your customer are happy with that in the knowledge that murphys law will usually ensure that the time this happens is when you need remote access the most and at some point may have to switch to a fixed IP SIM card contract with an additional site visit to swap the SIM card over and pay the remaining rentals for your 3mobile SIM card in addition to the Fixed IP SIM card rentals then continue with your installation without using a Fixed IP SIM card.

Whilst there are no unlimited data Fixed IP SIM Cards there may be solutions that combine a 4G router and unlimited SIM card with a special portal that the router can connect to and allow remote access to the router and connected devices for an additional monthly rental.