5G Router For CCTV

If you need to use a 4G or 5G router for remote access to your CCTV installation and want to take advantage of the much faster, low latency 5G mobile broadband speeds, or want to just take advantage of higher speed 4G Internet using a CAT20 LTE 4G modem which can offe two or three times the speed as the entry level CAT4 LTE 4G modems then we would recommend using a 5G Router.  

By using a 5G router with SIM slot, you can benefit form faster 4G as well as using 5G if available and future proofing your CCTV installation so you can use 5G in the future.

NR550 5G Router for CCTV

Proroute RAPID NR550 5G Router

The RAPID NR550 router from Proroute is the next generation of multi-purpose, industrial 5G routers that is ideal for high speed 4G and 5G mobile broadband Internet connectivity suitable for a wide variety of applications and is especially suited to CCTV.

The NR550 5G Router for CCTV will provide lightning fast 5G internet connectivity and deliver this to your 5G CCTV installation via Gigabit EThernet and also has built-in high speed 802.11AC WiFi.

This rugged, reliable and secure router will ensure a reliable solution for M2M remote access and monitoring when used with a Fixed IP SIM Card to enable the quickest and most reliable solution for remote access to your NVR and IP Cameras.