4G Router For CCTV

View our range of 4G Routers for use with Fixed IP SIM Cards.  These routers allow you to provide reliable and convenient wireless mobile broadband connectivity for your CCTV Installation.  All of these routers can be used with an external 4G Antenna just in case you are installing your router in a location with a poor 4G mobile reception.  That way you can install the antenna where there is a good 4G service.  You then run the antenna cable to the 4G router which is in a poor signal location.

Proroute H685 WRT 4G Router

Many small scale CCTV installations using a CCTV solution like the HIKVISION NVR (Network Video Recorder).  This type of hardware will allow the use of several IP cameras which suit many small CCTV installations.  Then if you want to use the 4G network for remote access with this type of hardware you will only require a single Ethernet port on the 4G Router.

The Proroute H685 4G Router is the unit we normally recommend.  We also advise using with a Fixed IP SIM to provide high speed, reliable and secure 4G Mobile Broadband for your CCTV Installation.  When combining the 4G Router with a Fixed IP SIM, you get an Internet connection that is remotely available.  This means you can treat your 4G solution just like any Internet connection with a Public IP address.  This removes any worries about having never used 4G Internet for your connection because you treat it just like your normal internet connections.

Proroute H685 4G Router for use with CCTV

The H685 WRT 4G Router has a secure firewall to protect it from intrusion and port scanning so it is ideal if you are using a Fixed IP SIM with a public IP address.

We have published a full guide on how to install your H685 4G Router and configure the APN settings to get your Fixed IP SIM connected.  It also  demonstrates how to enable remote admin, configure WiFi security (or disable it if not required), configure port forwarding, and ping reboot.  Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check is the way the router monitors the 4G connection and enables it to reconnect if it gets disconnected by the 4G mobile network.

Using the Proroute H685 4G Router, a Fixed IP SIM Card and following our simple video guide you can get your 4G router up and running within a few minutes and get secure and reliable remote access to your CCTV devices on the LAN.

The 4G CCTV Guide also includes information about the LAN network configuration required on your HIKVISION NVR to ensure everything works.

Remember when you have finished installing the router you should log into your SIM management portal and set the alerts for data usage to ensure that you get alerted when nearing your monthly inclusive data allowance for your SIM.

Proroute H820 4G Router

The Proroute H820 is the big brother to the compact H685 router and provides all the same features but has extra Ethernet Ports.  With 4 x Ethernet ports the H820 router allows you to connect more wired network devices, but in many cases, especially when using CCTV hardware like the HIKVISION NVR these extra ports are not needed because the IP cameras connect directly to the NVR.

H820 4G Router for CCTV

The 4G Router Store offer a good selection of 4G CCTV compatible 4G routers.

Teltonika 4G Routers for CCTV


The RUT200 Compact 4G router from Teltonika replaces the popular RUT241 and RUT240 as the low cost, entry level 4G router with single SIM slot, 2 x Ethernet Ports and 802.11n WiFi. The Teltonika RUT200 provides a reliable and secure 4G Internet connection, ideal for use with a Fixed IP SIM Card to enable a low cost M2M remote access and monitoring solution.


The RUT901 Dual SIM 4G router from Teltonika replaces the popular RUT951 and RUT950 as the low cost, mid level 4G router with 4 x Ethernet Ports and 802.11n WiFi. The Teltonika RUT901 provides a reliable and secure 4G Internet connection, ideal for use with a Fixed IP SIM Card to enable a low cost M2M remote access and monitoring solution. The Dual SIM slots enable the user to install a backup SIM card that the router can switch to in the event that the primary network on SIM 1 becomes unavailable. However, with most customers switching to multi-network SIM cards the backup SIM card feature is rarely used because the SIM card in slot 1 can switch to a different network in the event that the 4G network provider becomes unavailable. You may want to use the RUT901 over the RUT200 if you need a slightly faster router processor or need the extra Ethernet Ports.