4G Antenna

View our range of recommended 4G Antennas to use with your 4G Router when your router is installed in a location with poor 4G mobile signal but you can install the 4G Antenna close by where there is a stronger 4G mobile signal.

Fullband MIMORAD MiMo 4G Antenna

MIMORAD 4G Antenna

The Fullband MIMORAD is a High Gain MIMO 4G Antenna designed for outdoor installation.  It has a peak gain of 6dBi and the antenna housing contains 2 x 4G antennas which is why it is classified as a MiMo Antenna.  This also means that the MIMORAD antenna has 2 x 5m long cables which will connect to the MAIN and AUX cellular antenna ports of your 4G Router


Fullband FBXPMIMO Cross Polarised MiMo 4G Antenna


FBXPMIMO Cross Polarised MiMo 4G Antenna

The Fullband FBXPMIMO 4G Antenna is also an outdoor 4G antenna and like the MIMORAD antenna it also has dual antennas inside the casing, however these antennas are at an angle to each other to provide the optimum signal quality and bandwidth performance becuase where your 4G base Station / Mobile provider use MiMo technology the radio signals are transmitted at an angle, hence the cross polarisation of the antennas in the FBXPMIMO antenna.  So for enhanced 4G performance you can install the XPMIMO antenna and connect the supplied 2 x 5m cables to the MAIN and AUX cellular ports of your 4G Router.