This is the quick and simple guide to tell you how to use a 4G router to provide convenient mobile broadband internet access for your CCTV installation so you can connect to your IP Cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) or any other networked device on the LAN.

4G CCTV The Easy Way

Assuming you have a 4G service in the location you wish to use your 4G CCTV solution the easiest way to get up and running is to purchase a 4G Router such as the Proroute H685 and to get a Fixed IP SIM Card with a Public IP address.

Once you receive the 4G Router and SIM Card, then you insert the SIM card into the router, connect the cell antennas and power on the router.

You then log into the router Web Interface and make a few configuration changes such as APN, LAN IP settings, security and firewall / port forwarding settings. Your router will then connect to the INTERNET and will have a FIXED, PUBLIC IP ADDRESS.

So…. Just like ANY router with an INTERNET connection and a FIXED, PUBLIC IP address you can connect to the router from ANYWHERE on the Internet.

Now you can connect  your camera devices on the LAN, ensure that the LAN settings for your cameras, DVR’r and NVR’s are all correctly configured (you will need to configure each device with an IP address in the same range as the router LAN IP range, the subnet and the default gateway (default gateway is the LAN IP address of the router)

Then configure port forwarding to your devices and ‘Hey Presto’ you can now connect to your devices from anywhere on the Internet.

It really is that simple – just like configuring any router for internet connection and configuring devices on the LAN and port forwarding.

If you CLICK HERE – you can see the details of the Proroute H685 4G Router and an explanation of how to configure the router and port forwarding..

Now – that was the QUICK AND SIMPLE way to provide a 4G CCTV solution.

If you click here we will take you to a new page that describes other ways you might be able to install a 4G router solution for your CCTV and lots of ways for you to over complicate it all.

Remember – if you are using a Fixed IP SIM card with a PUBLIC IP address please ensure that you understand and correctly configure and test all the security features to prevent unauthorised access to your router and connected devices.  You also need to ensure that your connected devices such as your CCTV NVR have all their security features enabled.


Get our tried and tested, reliable 4G CCTV solution. We supply an industrial grade 4G router and a Fixed IP SIM card with a public IP address. This provides a 4G Internet service with a public IP address so you can remotely access the router and use port forwarding to connect to your CCTV NVR or to your CCTV IP Cameras. The 4G router includes keep alive features such as Cell ICMP Check / Ping Reboot. This means that when the 4G router is disconnected from the 4G network the router can reboot itself and reconnect, thus reducing the need for site visits. These keep alive features are needed because 3G and 4G services are an always available service and not an always on service and when a 3G / 4G basestation / tower reaches capacity it has to connect some of the devices to allow new connections to access the 4G service.

Many users installing a 4G CCTV solution want an Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM Card plan so they can use as much data as they want but these are not available from Fixed IP SIM Card Providers. Many users of 4G routers and 4G SIM Cards also need to determine whether they want to take advantage of new 5G routers and 5G SIM Cards to provide a 5G CCTV Solution which will provide higher speed data transfer but will need to weigh up the cost differences between 4G hardware and 4G SIM card rentals to determine the value offered. Also when considering using 5G mobile broadband you may want to think about the availability of 5G services and the added cost of upgrading your 4G signal tester to the latest 5G Signal Tester.

Teltonika 4G and 5G Routers

Teltonika 4G routers such as the new RUT200 and RUT901 provide a reliable and secure 4G Internet service for your CCTV Installation. If you need faster data throughput with a faster 5G Internet connection then the Teltonika RUTX50 and the new lower cost RUTM50 (Available Q4 2023) provide a great solution for high speed 5G Mobile Broadband for CCTV connectivity.

Fixed IP Data SIM

One of the easiest ways to provide 3G or 4G connectivity for your CCTV installation is by using a Fixed IP SIM Card with your 4G router.  This means that you get the convenience of a mobile broadband Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address, so just like any router with an Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address you can connect to the router from anywhere on the Internet and use port forwarding to connect to your CCTV devices.

With a Fixed IP SIM card, it really is that simple.